Growth Group Sign Ups

If you're interested in joining a growth group please contact Kim in the SCC office.

Email -

Phone - (573) 468-8142


Youth Group

Sunday small group will be 4-7pm at the Wayhomestead. No Youth on 6/20 (Fathers Day).


Wednesdays at SCC 6:30pm taught by Mr. Matthew Blackmore!


Fridays (or Saturday) will be youth fun nights lead by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Blackmore,  5/28, 6/25, 7/16, 8/13.

Women's Breakfast

June 12th - 9am

Leah Koch's House

*If you need an address see Kim in the office


Men's Get Together

To Be Announced


Prayer Meeting

Every Wednesday Evening at SCC

With Joanne Barclay - 6:30pm